wedding Ring

So the wedding of the century is almost upon us. William and Kate will say I Do at eleven o’clock on the twenty ninth of April. The whole world is going to be tuned in, whether on the telly, internet or radio. No wedding has been as anticipated as much as this one. Everything going to be perfect, the bride is going to be beautiful and the groom is going to look handsome in his tux.

Now I know a lot of girls would give their right arm to be Kate Middleton tomorrow. But truly and honestly, I am not one of them. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure that is now piled on to those slim shoulders.

Now I’ve watched enough romantic movies to know that the father of the bride has a talk with her letting her know it’s ok if she’s changed her mind. But somehow even if she has doubts and has changed her mind. There is no way she can turn around and say: “Actually I do want to postpone for a couple of months.”

It’s not only that however, not even the fact that one day she will be Queen. Can you imagine the stage fright? Seriously, anything but anything goes wrong, she goofs up, someone embarrasses her, whether intentional or not. She trips up walking down the aisle Not only will everyone who’s been invited will witness it. But practically the whole world will too.

On days like that I am eternally grateful that I am neither famous nor marrying a royal.

On a separate note Kate I wish you every luck in the world with your marriage. I sincerely hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow and remember deep breaths and one foot in front of the other.