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This week I have found myself with a new respect for professional vloggers even more so for the ones such as shaycarl who upload daily.

I as an ammeter who with a grand total of now three shows under my belt: The Totally Random Show, Question Time and now Vlog It as of from the 29 May 2011. I realise how much work goes into it.

Yes I knew that you have to know what you want as content then record, edit, upload. Then add annotations etc, etc…
So I did know that there has always been some kind of level of commitment there. I just didn’t quite understand the level of commitment involved.

When I first started I decided to upload Question Time on Tuesdays and The Totally Random Show on Fridays giving me plenty of time to get footage and edit, or so I thought. I didn’t factor in my job search, my internet and reading addiction.
For the first time I realised the life of a vlogger is a way of life not something you do on a whim, that is if you want any degree of credibility within the vlogging world.
The time and effort that must go into making professional videos day in day out and then also featuring in other peoples as well, it is something that is to be greatly admired. Especially when there are scripts, action, changes of scenes and a cast of two or more people involved in one or more of the projects you are taking part in.

From these findings I have realised that unless I want to gamble my lifestyle I will always fall under the ammeter tittle when it comes to vlogging on youtube. But while I have the spare time I am determined to find out how many people I can reach along with my journey to find myself.

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Information Technology

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You have no idea how much you depend on something until you write down all your activities and there it is staring you in the face. Being the predominant thing on the list.
I have had to write said list these last two days, because of circumstances unforeseen. I was shocked to discover that bar my reading and watching of DVDs all the rest of my activates actually requires the use of the computer and mostly on line.

What is the world coming too when being unable to access the Internet properly for any amount of time ceases out activities and transforms us into barely functioning zombies.
It’s surely a sad day indeed when the idea of not being able to fully play Facebook games, update your Twitter states every five minutes, unable to aces your subscriptions on youtube, or even upload your own video, your mail goes unopened and all communication all but barely comes to a standstill all but fills you with utter dread and sadness.

Gone are the days when the computer was considered a indulgence and not a necessary part of life. Now if you don’t have a computer it’s next to impossible to contact anybody , harder even to find employment as nearly everybody only advertises on their company website.
Sure there are the papers, of cause you might strike it lucky but you have to be very quick of the mark to stand a chance.
There’s the job centre too, but not all of their listings are available unless you visit their website, and there are still the odd one or two shops that advertises in their windows but they are few and very far between.

In short computers have taken over our lives and not for the better. One thing we all can agree on however…is that it’s amazing what technology has achieved and I for one can hardly wait to see where it is going to take us.

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I don’t know about anybody else, but when I start a project I give it my all. I get all the books on how to be the best at it and throw myself headfirst into it, and all I can talk or think about is that project. After a while however whether because of a minor complication, or because I haven’t got the “best” equipment I just stop.

From diary writing, to t shirt designing I’ve gone all out there then just stopped without any warning what so ever. Now that I’m trying to dedicate myself more firmly into meditation I guess I am hoping it will give me more focus and make me more steady with my approach. We’ll see, but I hope so as my latest phase is making short youtube videos. The Totally Random Show: airs Friday’s on and Question Time: airs Tuesday’s on and of cause theirs this blog that is supposed to be weekly every Sunday. But since I am so obsessed I have not only posted on Sunday 8th May but also yesterday I think it was. Tuesday 10th May and here I am again. Because this surely can’t be a Sunday blog, a Sunday blog has to be more thought out. Not just totally about me but something everyone can relate to and not just some self-indulgent it’s all about me monologue. This blog is precisely that so it’s going on today.


You would think it would be a relatively easy experience to get volunteer work. It would however seem that it is actually along the same path as getting a real job.

You have to do a lot of pavement pounding, and surfing the web to find if there are any vacancies. Then you need to fill in application forms and provide references! References to be a volunteer? I’m volunteering for goodness sake, therefore not going to get paid for my service and experience. Surely therefore that is a good indication that I am willing to put in my time and energy. Making the need for references kind of moot.

I understand them needing to know how to contact you, so they can phone you if there are any problems or change in plans etc. Or send you information via post about how you are doing a worthwhile thing and all the good things the charity in question has managed to do because of the time you have committed etc.

The fact that I have walked in from the street and said, I want to help should mean something. No?
Anyway, some of the other things that they ask for on the application form is kinda weird.
-DATE FORM FILLED IN (What because it’s so hard to keep on top of your filling? But ok.)
-HEALTH (I want to volunteer, going through the motions. But I’m so ill I can’t work so don’t bother picking me. What I’m just going to write: Good)
-DO YOU DEAL IN OR SELL SECOND-HAND GOODS? (Any of their business seriously? Who cares, if I do or not? (I don’t just so that you know, but you don’t care.) The fact that I want to volunteer my time should have no indication whether I am a second-hand sales woman. )
-WHAT AGE GROUP DO YOU FALL INTO? (Not even going to give you the options that was on one form, age should have no indication whether you are allowed to help. The younger the better as it instils good morals and stuff. Though that might explain the selection on this one form.)
-HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: ASTHMA, DIABETES, EPILEPSY, BACK PROBLEMS (If I ever have I’m sure still suffering with them still…but there is meds for those that are. I mean come on.)

So in conclusion, sure they want your help but only on their own terms. So deal with it.

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To Become a Wo/man

There comes a time in everybody’s live when we say to ourselves. That’s it, it’s time.

For me it was this week, obviously I already knew that I have to find me a job. I don’t just sit around the house doing nothing deigning this. I know I need a job, that’s not the issue here, and yes I’m looking. Most jobs in retail however seem to be only in abundance in and around London. This however is not why I am writing this.

I have for some time been interested in religion and studying as well as wanting to be a more focused individual. So finally, after many stops and starts over the years I have enrolled in a free study group over the internet on the religion that has always been of great interest to me.
I have also made a date to see about enrolling with a local drama society which is also something I have had interest in for quite a while but have not had the focus or commitment.

I have always known that it’s all in the mind and that I all I had to do is just break through the barrier that was standing in my way, namely me. Knowing this and being able to do this however are two entirely different things. This is why I have always had and always will have great respect for those who have the courage to live and go for their dreams.

Whether it’s to be a footballer, a wag, a singer, a humble vloger or what have you. Whatever it is you have chosen, for not listening to the negativity not only form the outside but also from within. This makes you a strong person and you should be immensely proud of yourself.

Everyone always tells you to not let people stand in your way, to not let them crush your hopes and stand up to them. There is always ever present advice in how to do this. But no one, at least in my experience, has ever said “you are going to have to stand up to yourself” and “this is how to do it.” But finding that strength and dedicating yourself is one of the first steps to being a Woman or if you are a guy reading this, a man.

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