There comes a time in everybody’s live when we say to ourselves. That’s it, it’s time.

For me it was this week, obviously I already knew that I have to find me a job. I don’t just sit around the house doing nothing deigning this. I know I need a job, that’s not the issue here, and yes I’m looking. Most jobs in retail however seem to be only in abundance in and around London. This however is not why I am writing this.

I have for some time been interested in religion and studying as well as wanting to be a more focused individual. So finally, after many stops and starts over the years I have enrolled in a free study group over the internet on the religion that has always been of great interest to me.
I have also made a date to see about enrolling with a local drama society which is also something I have had interest in for quite a while but have not had the focus or commitment.

I have always known that it’s all in the mind and that I all I had to do is just break through the barrier that was standing in my way, namely me. Knowing this and being able to do this however are two entirely different things. This is why I have always had and always will have great respect for those who have the courage to live and go for their dreams.

Whether it’s to be a footballer, a wag, a singer, a humble vloger or what have you. Whatever it is you have chosen, for not listening to the negativity not only form the outside but also from within. This makes you a strong person and you should be immensely proud of yourself.

Everyone always tells you to not let people stand in your way, to not let them crush your hopes and stand up to them. There is always ever present advice in how to do this. But no one, at least in my experience, has ever said “you are going to have to stand up to yourself” and “this is how to do it.” But finding that strength and dedicating yourself is one of the first steps to being a Woman or if you are a guy reading this, a man.

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