You would think it would be a relatively easy experience to get volunteer work. It would however seem that it is actually along the same path as getting a real job.

You have to do a lot of pavement pounding, and surfing the web to find if there are any vacancies. Then you need to fill in application forms and provide references! References to be a volunteer? I’m volunteering for goodness sake, therefore not going to get paid for my service and experience. Surely therefore that is a good indication that I am willing to put in my time and energy. Making the need for references kind of moot.

I understand them needing to know how to contact you, so they can phone you if there are any problems or change in plans etc. Or send you information via post about how you are doing a worthwhile thing and all the good things the charity in question has managed to do because of the time you have committed etc.

The fact that I have walked in from the street and said, I want to help should mean something. No?
Anyway, some of the other things that they ask for on the application form is kinda weird.
-DATE FORM FILLED IN (What because it’s so hard to keep on top of your filling? But ok.)
-HEALTH (I want to volunteer, going through the motions. But I’m so ill I can’t work so don’t bother picking me. What I’m just going to write: Good)
-DO YOU DEAL IN OR SELL SECOND-HAND GOODS? (Any of their business seriously? Who cares, if I do or not? (I don’t just so that you know, but you don’t care.) The fact that I want to volunteer my time should have no indication whether I am a second-hand sales woman. )
-WHAT AGE GROUP DO YOU FALL INTO? (Not even going to give you the options that was on one form, age should have no indication whether you are allowed to help. The younger the better as it instils good morals and stuff. Though that might explain the selection on this one form.)
-HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: ASTHMA, DIABETES, EPILEPSY, BACK PROBLEMS (If I ever have I’m sure still suffering with them still…but there is meds for those that are. I mean come on.)

So in conclusion, sure they want your help but only on their own terms. So deal with it.

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