I don’t know about anybody else, but when I start a project I give it my all. I get all the books on how to be the best at it and throw myself headfirst into it, and all I can talk or think about is that project. After a while however whether because of a minor complication, or because I haven’t got the “best” equipment I just stop.

From diary writing, to t shirt designing I’ve gone all out there then just stopped without any warning what so ever. Now that I’m trying to dedicate myself more firmly into meditation I guess I am hoping it will give me more focus and make me more steady with my approach. We’ll see, but I hope so as my latest phase is making short youtube videos. The Totally Random Show: airs Friday’s on www.youtube.com/emarwood and Question Time: airs Tuesday’s on www.youtube.com/EmmaLouiseMarwood and of cause theirs this blog that is supposed to be weekly every Sunday. But since I am so obsessed I have not only posted on Sunday 8th May but also yesterday I think it was. Tuesday 10th May and here I am again. Because this surely can’t be a Sunday blog, a Sunday blog has to be more thought out. Not just totally about me but something everyone can relate to and not just some self-indulgent it’s all about me monologue. This blog is precisely that so it’s going on today.