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You have no idea how much you depend on something until you write down all your activities and there it is staring you in the face. Being the predominant thing on the list.
I have had to write said list these last two days, because of circumstances unforeseen. I was shocked to discover that bar my reading and watching of DVDs all the rest of my activates actually requires the use of the computer and mostly on line.

What is the world coming too when being unable to access the Internet properly for any amount of time ceases out activities and transforms us into barely functioning zombies.
It’s surely a sad day indeed when the idea of not being able to fully play Facebook games, update your Twitter states every five minutes, unable to aces your subscriptions on youtube, or even upload your own video, your mail goes unopened and all communication all but barely comes to a standstill all but fills you with utter dread and sadness.

Gone are the days when the computer was considered a indulgence and not a necessary part of life. Now if you don’t have a computer it’s next to impossible to contact anybody , harder even to find employment as nearly everybody only advertises on their company website.
Sure there are the papers, of cause you might strike it lucky but you have to be very quick of the mark to stand a chance.
There’s the job centre too, but not all of their listings are available unless you visit their website, and there are still the odd one or two shops that advertises in their windows but they are few and very far between.

In short computers have taken over our lives and not for the better. One thing we all can agree on however…is that it’s amazing what technology has achieved and I for one can hardly wait to see where it is going to take us.

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