This week I have found myself with a new respect for professional vloggers even more so for the ones such as shaycarl who upload daily.

I as an ammeter who with a grand total of now three shows under my belt: The Totally Random Show, Question Time and now Vlog It as of from the 29 May 2011. I realise how much work goes into it.

Yes I knew that you have to know what you want as content then record, edit, upload. Then add annotations etc, etc…
So I did know that there has always been some kind of level of commitment there. I just didn’t quite understand the level of commitment involved.

When I first started I decided to upload Question Time on Tuesdays and The Totally Random Show on Fridays giving me plenty of time to get footage and edit, or so I thought. I didn’t factor in my job search, my internet and reading addiction.
For the first time I realised the life of a vlogger is a way of life not something you do on a whim, that is if you want any degree of credibility within the vlogging world.
The time and effort that must go into making professional videos day in day out and then also featuring in other peoples as well, it is something that is to be greatly admired. Especially when there are scripts, action, changes of scenes and a cast of two or more people involved in one or more of the projects you are taking part in.

From these findings I have realised that unless I want to gamble my lifestyle I will always fall under the ammeter tittle when it comes to vlogging on youtube. But while I have the spare time I am determined to find out how many people I can reach along with my journey to find myself.

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