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                                                         The M Factor

I have made a deal with myself.  From now on I am not going to be hard on myself about not writing “the novel” on one condition. That is if I work hard on producing a regular blog. By regular I mean to eventually achieve a daily blog instead of this once a week only on Sunday’s thing I’ve got going at the moment.

Now I’ve not given myself a time line to have done it by…yet. But I will have to set one to make it count. As I am hoping to achieve this: By managing to write something that I am happy with to publish on the internet every single day for at least a month lets say, it should in theory motivate me to write the “book” and get something finished for publication.

I have always wanted to have what people call drive or ambition. Something that gives them inner fire; I however have never really known how to light that spark.
Sure I have always known what subjects that always appealed to me, what projects appeal to me. I’m not totally ignorant. But nothing has completely taken over my life. Nothing has lit that spark. Doing this however just might give me that ambition. Even if nothing comes of it except for an impressive back catalogue of blogs and a completed manuscript. At least I tried, and that’s what is important.
I am not going to feel sorry for myself anymore, I am banning myself from saying and thinking about When I have the time, if my circumstances where different, it could have been me, if only I had some more money then I could afford to…. kind of sentences. I am taking charge of my life starting from here on out. I Think Therefore I Blog


New Project

Despite still being jobless and in the boring process of going through all the things I’ve ever horded and throwing a lot of junk out. I find myself feeling very optimistic. (Though incredibly board of house work.)
For those of you who do read my blog…though I can’t think that would be very many, who are unaware that I do the odd video/vlog, I do the odd youtube video/vlog just saying lol.
I am currently in the process of beginning a new project called Forget It based on the Sam Jordison book Sod That! 103 Things Not To Do Before You Die.

So I am excited about getting that underway. I have to do some research into the content on the internet and do some scripting. What with the continuous job search meetings etc…it should take the minimum of a week to get the first one filmed, edited and uploaded. But I can barely wait to get that on the way.

Up until now I have hated every second of being unemployed. But now, making youtube videos and baking. I may have not already mentioned this but I bake. J
I am really starting to think that if I could make a living out of doing this I would be pretty dam happy with my lot. Anyway wish me look and go check out my channels. and I shall see you on the other side.

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I have wondered what kind of person would write a blog. What kind of person would think that their opinion is so terribly important that it must be shared with the world? Also what kind of person would believe that people would be interested in reading about their point of view?

Now I don’t really know anything about these people, but for me writing a blog at least once a week I feel keeps my toe in the waters of writing, so to speak.
I have wanted to be a writer for some time now, but for one reason or another I either I can’t seem to keep my concentration going and start another subject. Or I find reasons for not doing it at all. A not very constructive method for writing the ultimate best seller I know.
From reading I have found that a lot of professional authors tend to procrastinate so I’m not alone with that one. But still that leaves me with a concentration span of a gnant.

To me writing is something that is incredibly hard work, but should anything come out of it very rewarding. The joy to see something you have written in print is amazing. For some writing comes naturally and they can’t understand how none of their work ever gets published, they can’t understand it, they don’t seem to understand the achievement of actually managing to finish something.

Daydreaming comes naturally to me. But to actually write down what’s in my head, which is all Technicolor pictures. To make it come alive on the page, it’s not easy, and when you think you’ve got it as close as you can get it, which is nothing like you imagined but you have given up on getting it perfect as you have to make every word count and don’t want to bore the reader, you’ve gone ahead and forgotten where the daydream was going and what the point was to write it down in the first place.

So for me the point of having a blog, to write something at least once a week…even if nobody bothers reading it apart from me, it tells me something: You may be shite at concentration but at least by golly you can finish something.

I Lov Blogging


I love the idea of new technology, it completely fascinates me, and it’s not technologies fault that it doesn’t seem to like me. No, it’s nothing personal. As much as it sometimes feels like that. The thing I think is important to remember is that tech is made by human beings, and human beings are fundamentally flawed. That’s the great thing about being human. We know we’re not perfect, we may aim to be, but at the end of the day if we fail it’s no big deal. Sure it upsets us as we didn’t set out to fail. But we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and remind ourselves that we are only human.

However when technology doesn’t behave its self, when it freezes on us, when it just doesn’t want to load or even play properly we take it personally. We seem to forget that even though it’s essentially a “computer” and should do as we tell it. When it does lets us down, when it falls apart on us we seem to conveniently forget that the computer, the internet, the mp3 player or whatever it is, did not design or even make its self. A person thought it up and made the tech come alive, and when you think of it that way, does it really surprise you that technology is also fundamentally flawed?