I love the idea of new technology, it completely fascinates me, and it’s not technologies fault that it doesn’t seem to like me. No, it’s nothing personal. As much as it sometimes feels like that. The thing I think is important to remember is that tech is made by human beings, and human beings are fundamentally flawed. That’s the great thing about being human. We know we’re not perfect, we may aim to be, but at the end of the day if we fail it’s no big deal. Sure it upsets us as we didn’t set out to fail. But we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and remind ourselves that we are only human.

However when technology doesn’t behave its self, when it freezes on us, when it just doesn’t want to load or even play properly we take it personally. We seem to forget that even though it’s essentially a “computer” and should do as we tell it. When it does lets us down, when it falls apart on us we seem to conveniently forget that the computer, the internet, the mp3 player or whatever it is, did not design or even make its self. A person thought it up and made the tech come alive, and when you think of it that way, does it really surprise you that technology is also fundamentally flawed?