I have wondered what kind of person would write a blog. What kind of person would think that their opinion is so terribly important that it must be shared with the world? Also what kind of person would believe that people would be interested in reading about their point of view?

Now I don’t really know anything about these people, but for me writing a blog at least once a week I feel keeps my toe in the waters of writing, so to speak.
I have wanted to be a writer for some time now, but for one reason or another I either I can’t seem to keep my concentration going and start another subject. Or I find reasons for not doing it at all. A not very constructive method for writing the ultimate best seller I know.
From reading I have found that a lot of professional authors tend to procrastinate so I’m not alone with that one. But still that leaves me with a concentration span of a gnant.

To me writing is something that is incredibly hard work, but should anything come out of it very rewarding. The joy to see something you have written in print is amazing. For some writing comes naturally and they can’t understand how none of their work ever gets published, they can’t understand it, they don’t seem to understand the achievement of actually managing to finish something.

Daydreaming comes naturally to me. But to actually write down what’s in my head, which is all Technicolor pictures. To make it come alive on the page, it’s not easy, and when you think you’ve got it as close as you can get it, which is nothing like you imagined but you have given up on getting it perfect as you have to make every word count and don’t want to bore the reader, you’ve gone ahead and forgotten where the daydream was going and what the point was to write it down in the first place.

So for me the point of having a blog, to write something at least once a week…even if nobody bothers reading it apart from me, it tells me something: You may be shite at concentration but at least by golly you can finish something.

I Lov Blogging