Despite still being jobless and in the boring process of going through all the things I’ve ever horded and throwing a lot of junk out. I find myself feeling very optimistic. (Though incredibly board of house work.)
For those of you who do read my blog…though I can’t think that would be very many, who are unaware that I do the odd video/vlog, I do the odd youtube video/vlog just saying lol.
I am currently in the process of beginning a new project called Forget It based on the Sam Jordison book Sod That! 103 Things Not To Do Before You Die.

So I am excited about getting that underway. I have to do some research into the content on the internet and do some scripting. What with the continuous job search meetings etc…it should take the minimum of a week to get the first one filmed, edited and uploaded. But I can barely wait to get that on the way.

Up until now I have hated every second of being unemployed. But now, making youtube videos and baking. I may have not already mentioned this but I bake. J
I am really starting to think that if I could make a living out of doing this I would be pretty dam happy with my lot. Anyway wish me look and go check out my channels. and I shall see you on the other side.

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