The M Factor

I have made a deal with myself.  From now on I am not going to be hard on myself about not writing “the novel” on one condition. That is if I work hard on producing a regular blog. By regular I mean to eventually achieve a daily blog instead of this once a week only on Sunday’s thing I’ve got going at the moment.

Now I’ve not given myself a time line to have done it by…yet. But I will have to set one to make it count. As I am hoping to achieve this: By managing to write something that I am happy with to publish on the internet every single day for at least a month lets say, it should in theory motivate me to write the “book” and get something finished for publication.

I have always wanted to have what people call drive or ambition. Something that gives them inner fire; I however have never really known how to light that spark.
Sure I have always known what subjects that always appealed to me, what projects appeal to me. I’m not totally ignorant. But nothing has completely taken over my life. Nothing has lit that spark. Doing this however just might give me that ambition. Even if nothing comes of it except for an impressive back catalogue of blogs and a completed manuscript. At least I tried, and that’s what is important.
I am not going to feel sorry for myself anymore, I am banning myself from saying and thinking about When I have the time, if my circumstances where different, it could have been me, if only I had some more money then I could afford to…. kind of sentences. I am taking charge of my life starting from here on out. I Think Therefore I Blog