Don’t you guys just love it that as soon as you need the internet for a legitimate reason and not to just play on and watch videos that the ruddy thing will just stop working!?

Me I love it. Seriously I’m not kidding; I mean who wants to send that important e mail, who wants to be searching the World Wide Web for a job when they have no income coming in. It’s the bomb guys, the bomb.

Yes I’m sure you’ve figured me out for being sarcastic. Me sarcastic? Absolutely.
I’m telling you tech hates me. I love tech but if it will break or stop working it will happen to me every time. I have got through four yes 4 mp3’s in just as many years. My phone, my beautiful Nokia E71 constantly freezes on me, and the oven doesn’t even light some times when I want to use it. So annoying.

So the more dependant we are on something the more addicted we are to its services and the cleverer and cleverer it becomes it becomes more and more unreliable. Because that makes total sense right?

                                                 The Bain of my Existance