A lot of people don’t like birthdays, I guess it’s because it reminds them that they are getting older. But I say age is just a number…isn’t it. Surely the amount of years you have been on the earth the greater the amount the better. You have experience with how the world works. You know what things are stupid to do but you will still do them because they are enjoyable, so you are never disappointed with how things work out. You know that eating that last chocolate even though you are full will make you ill, but you just can’t resist.

You know the greatest pleasures in life can be found in your own family in your own home. Rather than on an expensive gap year you are later to regret but jazz up for all and sundry, when the time comes, that that was the time of your life. Even though you lost all your money, your passport got stolen, you stayed in a dump and you got busted for something totally random by the foreign authorities for a law you never knew existed and spending time in jail where you didn’t know how to communicate because the only words you had learned before the flight over was hello, and a bottle of beer please.

I like birthdays. It’s a time when you can get away with being a pain in the ass and there is nothing no one can do about it. No one is allowed to be mean or strict with you, you can eat chocolate and just basically do all the things you enjoy doing without feeling guilty for doing it. Today is your day.

For me my birthday wasn’t about me getting older. It was about me being me and to celebrate all the things I’ve learned in the year. I am not embarrassed, nor am I fighting getting older. What a complete waste of time and energy.
As far as I can see it, the grey hairs are wisdom, the wrinkles are lessons learned the bent back is from the work you have achieved and the retirement home the medal for making it.

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