I like being busy, I think it’s because it gives you a sense of purpose. No matter the task at hand, whether it’s cooking and baking. Making a vlog, taking photos, reading, writing it all mounts up to the same thing. I have a purpose in life, and it’s awesome. It especially helps when you enjoy everything that you have to do. Except for the house work, because let’s face it nobody in their right mind enjoys house work. Hovering, ironing and what not are a frustrating chore that if we chose do it first thing in the morning can be something that can be over and done with and we don’t need to waste another second of our precious day worrying about.

This I guess sounds like I’m making up some excuse for not writing a blog for the last two Sundays, but honestly it’s not. I just forgot. Plain and simple, I’ve been having fun.
Especially this week, I have just broken into the work of the Daily Vlog and it is awesome. Yes, I look and sound lame on camera…but learning to edit is so much fun. Finding material to record is hard work and so rewarding when I do.

Yes I know I hardly get any views but that’s alright, I don’t mind. I’m not doing this to become some kind of superstar. I’m not doing this to make money either, which is a good job because let’s face it I so wouldn’t be getting paid for what I have posted so far.
I’m doing this for fun plain and simple.

So many people forget about that element which is such a shame, because when it’s no longer fun it becomes work.