I don’t understand how people who write every single day don’t run out of ideas to write about. I try to write once a week and find it hard to come up with a subject. Everything that runs through the mind as I sit in front of a blank screen I think is either dumb or stupid or even completely pointless.
This is one of the reasons that I admire writers of books and screen so much. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy what they have come up with they have been dedicated enough to sit down and get it done.

They have made sure to dedicate time of their lives to complete the project, to focus and not go off and just do anything and everything else. Or even just get on with their lives with their friends and family. Because I’m sure they would love to do just that.

This is also the same reason that I enjoy vlogs to much also, the time and effort, the attention to detail. It’s crazy, at a time when so many people are doing the same thing and everyone is trying to be different and stand out. Trying to still be themselves while trying to feel proud of what they have achieved by the end of it.

What I guess I am trying to say is about the haters and trolls out there is that, people put a bit of themselves into these projects. Be it a book, a blog, vlog, film….anything creative, so it actually hurts when these other people mean things just for the sake of saying something. You don’t like something, say something constructive or say nothing at all because negativity doesn’t help.

Think of a time when you are stuck, looking a blank screen determined to write or whatever, does it actually help when you slam yourself down? Or do you do your best work when you are feeling positive.

I don’t like the fact that trolling is encouraged by some people, because even if they don’t take it to heart (so they say) it makes the people doing it think it’s ok to do it to everybody else. Life is hard enough do you really need to make it harder on people, do you really want them to do it to you? I didn’t think so.

Criticism for the sake of criticism is unnecessary, unhelpful and disrespectful and I personally wish it could be stamped out for good.