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I am not one normally for buying soundtracks to movies. It just seems corny in a way, having a soundtrack.

My mum has the soundtrack to the original War of the Worlds which she loves. But having watched the movie the music still does nothing for me. I much rather have an album from an artist that I particularly admire, than music that is made to be placed within a movie. Like a jigsaw, without the music the movie would have something missing and without the movie the music has something missing from it also.

The music from a movie should stay in my opinion in the place of which it was intended for, the movie itself. Because out of context it just doesn’t seem the same, which brings me to the tittle of this blog.
Titanic has long been a favourite of mine despite the running duration of the film. I like the fact that they used the real Titanic in parts. I also like that they used real props from the ship itself. The music was cleverly used to enhance the haunting and the romance of it all.
I love the beginning of the film the best. The very beginning when they are down in the ocean, then also just after “old” Rose has boarded the ship.

I love the way they edited it from Rose telling Mr Lovett about how she can “still smell the fresh paint” into the passengers waving to those on the dock. This is one soundtrack that I am listening to right now which has transported me back inside of the film. I am following as surely as I followed the visuals.

In my opinion Titanic (Music from the Motion Picture) has got to be the most cleverly and beautifully made. Even taken out of the jigsaw of the film the music is able to stand alone. You are able to still see the beauty and wonder of the ship and the story of its passage shines through.

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