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There are presents from underneath the Christmas tree, the gut busting dinner. Christmas crackers, paper hats, bad jokes, the inevitable argument, family driving each other crazy…but that’s just part and parcel of Christmas right?
Not necessarily, yes it is nice to make a big fuss over it, and of cause you would be disappointed if you didn’t get any help the washing up never mind the cooking. The place is a mess even though you only cleaned and hovered, brushed and mopped only yesterday. Someone is being grumpy because they didn’t get something on their Christmas list.

But before the tears spill and tempers fray I like to look at what I’ve been given. I reflect over what I have eaten and drank and think not only how lucky I am but also how good I’ve got it. No one had to buy me presents. But they did.
No one had to send me a Christmas card. But they did. I wasn’t born with the god given right to expect food to always be there, but mum and I worked hard and we had a good dinner, a delicious dinner.

So to all of you that read this, and even to those who don’t I say, be happy, enjoy your family because there is nobody else like them in the whole world.




A Promise to Myself


Tomorrow is Christmas and I’ve really let myself down, and I’m really disappointed with myself.


I made a promise to myself you see. It was a simple promise all I would have to do is something I have always enjoyed doing; To do it once a week every week with a view to doing it every day by Christmas Day. I made this promise to myself at the beginning of the year and as you can probably tell I have not been entirely successful with this venture.

I enjoy writing, I enjoy vlogging too so I really have no reason why I shouldn’t have succeeded with my plan.
All I can do now is to try again. So I am going to make the same promise to myself again: To write at least once a week, video once a week with a view to becoming everyday by Christmas 2012. Vlogging                                     WordPress