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LoveJonLovell or Voiceover Jon you have announced in your one year anniversary vlog entitled MY FIRST YEAR OF VLOGGING GIVEAWAY! Published on the 27th of January that you wish to give away a free t shirt, I would like that free t shirt for myself.

I am not in the habit of demanding and asking for stuff but you did mention that you wanted us to do something to draw attention to our want of your t shirt. So here goes.
I have for the past three days been tweeting ( every celebrity that I follow saying: I’m spreading the lovell for @VoiceoverJon Please RT to send him some lovell
I have had one re tweet from….wait for it: Simon Scholes aka STOPJABBAINGON yay!!! But I am not letting sucsess go to my head and I’m gonna keep with the twittering J

Also, I EmmaLouiseMarwood aka emarwood aka ok that’s all my aliases.
Have bought only last week your I’m spreading the LOVELL purple hoodie and I love it, but there is now one major problem. I have spent my clothing budget however I do need a t shirt to wear under it. Because what am I going to do when I get too warm I will be unable to take it off it would be totally inappropriate plus how then am I going to spread the Lovell?
See what I mean? Big problem.

There is also the thing that I have never won a thing in my life ever! True. Ok I once won a tenner on the national lottery when I first played…other than that I have never won anything.

So what do you think?

Have I won?

                                                    Fingers Crossed 2



Why is it then when you are at work all you can think about is sitting down at the computer to write. But when you have all day to do as you please you put it off and off then when you finally sit down to write you can’t think of a single thing to put down?

This happens to me all of the time. I have all the good intentions in the world, but I will just go and run into town to do a few errands. I’ll just do a quick vacuum, I’ll just quickly check my emails, oh and while I’m at it I’ll just see if Cory Mr Safety Williams /TristopiaTV /LukeisNotSexy /CharlieSoCoolLike /Nerimon etc has uploaded any new videos on ….oh while I’m at it I might as well check and have I received my letter/email from nope. I’m hungry I’ll just go and eat something and watch tv while I do.

By the time I sit down the day is gone and I realise I have actually achieved absolutely nothing with my whole day.

You would think that in this day and age that people would know more and be more aware of how to make things more durable and last longer. You would also think that every company’s top priority would be customer satisfaction. But ever since we had this particular make of laptop in our lives (my mums and I that is) we have had nothing but trouble.

I have no idea why we didn’t learn that from the first laptop from them which we had for only a little more than a year before it suffered the blue screen of death and never came back. The customer service up to that point was shocking to say the least. But somehow and I don’t know why, we bought another one from them and not even six months down the line the thing has died on us twice. I have no idea how I managed to fix it. I guess I’m not one for defeat, I just kept pressing the power button until it loaded a fix it program.

I am now waiting to see how long it will take for the thing to die again. Will the next time be it? When will next time be? In seconds, minutes, days, weeks a month? When you have a growing addiction to the internet, an enjoyment of writing and what have you. When you also have a project that involves writing a script and down loading a bucket load of pictures from the internet; recording audio… (That will be credited by the way) for a project. It doesn’t exactly give you confidence to do it.

I remember with the first laptop. I had completed two projects one video for and a photo album through I was in Italy at the time with no internet access. So I had saved all my work to upload the first moment I got the chance. Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2010 I went to do some writing on my diary I was keeping of our (again mum and I) stay in Italy for the six months we were there and……nothing.

Nada, it was gone. At first we had thought it was the battery (it had been showing signs) but nope. There was nothing to be done. We had problems with that laptop before that point and as I said earlier the customer service left a lot to be desired.

No I will not be sharing the companies’ name of said laptops. As I am aware that I could very probably get into a lot of trouble for naming names. Another thing that time, in my opinion should have put to bed a long time ago.

You can tell a lot about a person from their voice. You can tell if they are hard people, romantic, gentle, calm…people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. I don’t know if I agree with this. Yes eyes are important, don’t get me wrong. You can tell a lot about people from them. But for me it’s the voice.

Forget the smouldering glances, if you have an amazing voice I am hooked. I can’t help myself. Just as I can’t help myself but melt when I hear Hugh Panaro sing.
I put his songs on as I write, as I read or just to look at him….but I am diverting here. The point is I wouldn’t look if I hadn’t fallen in love with his voice.

It can melt, it can charm…and it is one reason he will go far in his career as a Broadway actor. It is also the reason I am devastated that Lestat never got to make it big and that I never got to see it performed live.

Allison Fischer–I Want More
Lestat musical – Armand sings “After All This Time”
Hugh Panaro–The Thirst

                                                       New Year 1

It’s New Year, and some would say a time for new beginnings and to make new resolutions which is all well and good. However how easy are these resolutions to break? I myself have been vegetarian for two weeks one time, and did yoga for two months on another. Not one of my resolutions has stuck.

This time I am not really making a resolution, just a promise to myself. (Yes another one.) To have the best and be the best, this I believe covers everything. If I feel I want to do something, I shouldn’t hold back. If I want something, go and get it, (in a lawful way of cause) if I want to go somewhere, travel in a certain way….life is for living, for enjoying and for taking by the horns. I am not going to lose myself another opportunity if I can help it.

I hope everyone celebrated the New Year in with the style and individuality, and most importantly safely. Me I saw it in with my mum and Jools Holland and a bottle of Fizz.
I raise my glass of Glitter Fizz to you and wish you a Happy New Year may 2012 be good to you. Cheers!

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