New Year 1

It’s New Year, and some would say a time for new beginnings and to make new resolutions which is all well and good. However how easy are these resolutions to break? I myself have been vegetarian for two weeks one time, and did yoga for two months on another. Not one of my resolutions has stuck.

This time I am not really making a resolution, just a promise to myself. (Yes another one.) To have the best and be the best, this I believe covers everything. If I feel I want to do something, I shouldn’t hold back. If I want something, go and get it, (in a lawful way of cause) if I want to go somewhere, travel in a certain way….life is for living, for enjoying and for taking by the horns. I am not going to lose myself another opportunity if I can help it.

I hope everyone celebrated the New Year in with the style and individuality, and most importantly safely. Me I saw it in with my mum and Jools Holland and a bottle of Fizz.
I raise my glass of Glitter Fizz to you and wish you a Happy New Year may 2012 be good to you. Cheers!

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