Why is it then when you are at work all you can think about is sitting down at the computer to write. But when you have all day to do as you please you put it off and off then when you finally sit down to write you can’t think of a single thing to put down?

This happens to me all of the time. I have all the good intentions in the world, but I will just go and run into town to do a few errands. I’ll just do a quick vacuum, I’ll just quickly check my emails, oh and while I’m at it I’ll just see if Cory Mr Safety Williams /TristopiaTV /LukeisNotSexy /CharlieSoCoolLike /Nerimon etc has uploaded any new videos on www.youtube.com ….oh while I’m at it I might as well check www.twitter.co.uk and have I received my letter/email from www.pottermore.com nope. I’m hungry I’ll just go and eat something and watch tv while I do.

By the time I sit down the day is gone and I realise I have actually achieved absolutely nothing with my whole day.