LoveJonLovell or Voiceover Jon you have announced in your one year anniversary vlog entitled MY FIRST YEAR OF VLOGGING GIVEAWAY! Published on the 27th of January that you wish to give away a free t shirt, I would like that free t shirt for myself.

I am not in the habit of demanding and asking for stuff but you did mention that you wanted us to do something to draw attention to our want of your t shirt. So here goes.
I have for the past three days been tweeting ( every celebrity that I follow saying: I’m spreading the lovell for @VoiceoverJon Please RT to send him some lovell
I have had one re tweet from….wait for it: Simon Scholes aka STOPJABBAINGON yay!!! But I am not letting sucsess go to my head and I’m gonna keep with the twittering J

Also, I EmmaLouiseMarwood aka emarwood aka ok that’s all my aliases.
Have bought only last week your I’m spreading the LOVELL purple hoodie and I love it, but there is now one major problem. I have spent my clothing budget however I do need a t shirt to wear under it. Because what am I going to do when I get too warm I will be unable to take it off it would be totally inappropriate plus how then am I going to spread the Lovell?
See what I mean? Big problem.

There is also the thing that I have never won a thing in my life ever! True. Ok I once won a tenner on the national lottery when I first played…other than that I have never won anything.

So what do you think?

Have I won?

                                                    Fingers Crossed 2