You could have knocked me down with a feather this morning. There I was watching Something For the Weekend when the doorbell rang. There was my cousin and her baby boy out in the rain come to visit. I was told as I was making a cup of tea and frying up some bacon for a nice bacon buttie that I will need to start going to church again as baby will need at least one godparent who attends church!

I can’t quite believe it me a godparent! It sounds just so grown up, mature and responsible. Considering I still feel like I should still be at school rather that in a responsible job that I am in is so amazing.

It now seems I have some homework to do as I need to find out what the whole job entails. Apart from the obvious: should anything happen to his parents I will be in the immediate chance of bringing up a human being. (Touch wood that need won’t ever arise.) I have no clue what my “new job” means

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