When I think about all the things I moan and grown about when I see videos showing me what Joseph Kony is capable off it makes me feel ashamed of myself. I realise how self-absorbed I am how spoiled. There are so many children who have seen horrors beyond my imagination in Uganda because of this individual who does what he does simply just to stay in power.

                 Joseph kony              Joseph kony 3

This man is pure evil and he needs to be made accountable for his actions. The way to do that? To make him famous, make everyone know who he is and what he’s capable off.

He has children abducted from their beds at night. The boys he gives guns and he makes them slaughter their parents. The girls are being raped and being turned into prostitutes. He beats and disfigures the children and kills them. He uses his child army to fight wars. He must be stopped.

Let’s make Joseph Kony famous and tell everyone we know who he is and what he does let’s stop this monster in his tracks.

If something like this ever happened here in England even for a day the press would be all over it. Everyone would be outraged and the police and the govement would do all they could to stop it from happening and to bring the person responsible to justice. Don’t the Ugandan people have the same right to justice as we do?

Spread the word – pass this message along or write your own it’s important we get the word out there.

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Please Help Kony 2012