Pound Sign 2

Why do we always do it? We see a book for £1 or a phone cover for £5 a song for pence on ITunes and it’s such a good price and you like the look of it, you like the sound of it. It’s so cheap how can you resist it’s such a good deal.
The odd little indulgence won’t hurt surely, it barely costs anything. What’s £1 in the grand scheme of things?

What we don’t always see straight away is that the pounds mount up and before you know it you have spent a small fortune on music, phone accessories, books especially now we have the Kindle. It’s just too easy to spend to go overboard.

Now if I just go through this post and replace every we and you that appears with the word I then I think I would have hit the real issue I wanted to put across with this post.

                                                        Pound Sign 1