Spreading The Lovell

It’s no secret that I’m an internet-a-holic, it is also no secret that I love the idea of YouTube (www.youtube.com) Even when it does not work properly because of glitches…because “they” keep changing it even though changes don’t need to be done. Though that is a rant for another day…

YouTube (www.youtube.com) is brilliant, it brings people together, it means you can “meet” people you would otherwise never have known existed. This is the main reason I enjoy spreading the Lovell.
Yes it gets my name in LoveJonLovells (http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveJonLovell) vlogs therefore people who would otherwise never have known I existed might watch my vlogs and subscribe to my channel. It is not however just about numbers and appearing in the videos however. (Though that is a bonus.) I enjoy not knowing where I’m going to be sent. I love that I can get to know someone new. See videos that can inspire and delight me.

For example I found LoveJonLovells (http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveJonLovell) vlogs via a recommendation when I was totally obsessed with the ShayTards. (http://www.youtube.com/user/shaytards) If it wasn’t for the interactivity I would not be watching Jons Vlogs today. I also wouldn’t be watching Simons aka StopJabbaingOn (http://www.youtube.com/user/STOPJABBAINGON) either.
Which to me I find quite odd as I kinda (not totally, I’m not insane) feel like they are part of my life. I also regard them as acquaintances, though we have never actually met. Thanks to treating the site as an interactive social media.

People are frequently forgetting that YouTube (www.youtub.com) is a social media website and I find that people are not communicating as much as they used to on there, which is a big shame.
This is why I believe in spreading the Lovell. It’s not just promotion for Jon and I to get more views, it’s not just a medal of honour that I get to be mentioned in his vlogs. It’s a friendly reminder to people to talk to each other. To visit one another channels and to spread positivity, the fact that we get the extra views and I get that mention for taking part is a Lovelly consequence.

                                             Spread the Love