Bella went missing today. She went for her usual walk and she decided not to come back. I was never so scared in my life. I believed that something had happened to her.
It’s amazing that she has only been in my life for two months and the idea of never seeing her again griped me in such panic.

We let her out at six o’clock as normal and stayed near the door for a while mum and I ate our dinner. Then she wondered of as normal. However when we called her in for her dinner after having washed our dishes she didn’t respond, mum went out to investigate and when she came back she told me not to panic. Bella was in the Foxes garden and the foxes was in ours.

No matter how long we called she didn’t come in. After a while we retreated to the lounge thinking if we leave her alone she might just come in of her own accord. Did she heck as!
At 8.40 mum goes out again, five minutes later she comes back Bella in hand looking very disgruntled. Lesson learned Bella is never going out ever again.

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