Isn’t it weird how we all want to accumulate stuff and we have to have stuff but we never seem to have enough money to get all the stuff we just so have to have. Yet when your birthday gets nearer and you stop buying things for yourself and you get asked what it is you want for said birthday….blank.

Don’t get me wrong I know I want a new violin and an electric guitar oh a laptop and motorbike lessons…
it’s just they are really expensive things right? And I wouldn’t feel right asking for any of those things. I’ll sort out those things myself. (Especially the motorbike lesson 😉 and I will keep you up to date on that little adventure as it progresses.)

But I know I will pout (inwardly to myself) if I don’t get anything to open on the day and all my mum gets me is a trip to the cinema and guitar lessons which I’m sure I don’t need because I’m pretty sure that I know the basics. I’m sure also that I can take it from there. Not that I will be ungrateful if that’s what she does get me because they are cool presents. It’s just not something I want for my birthday.

I want books, music, DVDs and music sheets. But I can’t think of anything in particular of that lot that I just have to have. That’s the thing about stuff we don’t actually need it. It’s just a wanting and when it’s within arm’s reach you find that you no longer want it any more.