I believe that looking to tomorrow can be quite dangerous and positively destructive. I mean if we all wait for tomorrow to come nothing ever would get done.

Take me for example. The motorbike lessons, wanting to write a book, learn to draw, paint, learn to read and play music. Travel the world even. If I wait until tomorrow to start any of these activities then I would go a life time without doing any of them.

It’s so easy to put things of until tomorrow especially when any of them requires a lot of effort.
Now I bet you think I now am going to tell you about the motorbike lesson that I’ve had this week or the trip that I’ve booked.
Well you’d be wrong. Because I haven’t sorted a single riding lesson out nor have I booked a holiday of any kind. I guess you can say I am starting out small.

Whenever I think of the things I want to do it can be overwhelming and can lead to a lot of fears of many different kinds. I think it’s better to say: right now I am going to______
You have to do things in small stages. Hey a great artist or painter had to start with lessons and an orchestra violinist or great guitar player had to learn the very basics first. I guess I’m trying to say you have to learn to walk before you can run.

I am in no way backing out of any of the big things. Right now after uploading this blog I am going to do some more research on motorbike lessons in my area. After which I am going to look at some more prices of violins. (I am waiting to see how much money my phone provider is going to take out of my bank account on the second of the month. You still have to be realistic.)
If I did not do my research today, then when I know the state of my finances I will be in a passion to do something about it.

So it is perilous to wait until tomorrow because I would just keep on waiting. I would know precisely how much I have got and a whole month would go by and I would have done nothing to achieve my ultimate dreams, and I would keep on waiting because I would do something about it tomorrow.