As anyone who knows me or has read my blog around this time last year will know that I have given myself two goals to reach for this year. Those where to:

· Read a book a month & review it.

· For every good thing/achievement/happy thing that happens write it down on a scrap of paper and put it in a jar.

I am pleased to report that I feel that I have done very well with this. Better than I thought I was going to do in fact.
I had set my read goal on to being twelve giving myself my minimum goal. I can happily tell you that I have read the sum total of thirty books and re read (as apparently re reads do not count on ) three, and have reviewed one a month every month of the year!

With my second goal, positivity in a jar I am also pleased, at the beginning of the year for the first two to three months I placed a positive thing in said jar on a daily basis. I did not continue this way for the whole year however only adding to it very occasionally. Even though I did not add something for every day of 2014 I have found myself to be more positive and more optimistic about things I would normally have been more pessimistic about previously.

So now it’s time to set some new goals, here goes:

· Review a minimum of a book a month

· To be more proactive

So as I have already stated I am really pleased with the reviewing I have done this year, I wish to carry on where I have left off there. I have found that some months I have read more than one book, and that those books had I pushed myself would have been nice to have reviewed. This I mean to rectify. I will review a book a month; however should I find I wish to review any extras I will not hold myself back.

Becoming more proactive sounds like it should be either a sole resolution or at the very least written first. However I mean this for my wanting to learn to play my guitar, violin….as well as to teach myself to draw and paint as well as many of other pursuits I wish to achieve to be part of my daily life.
So instead of setting myself numerous resolutions that I would no doubt fail at the first hurdle as there are an awful lot of things that I wish to incorporate into my daily routine and to list them all out and giving myself a time table to do them would be daunting to say the least. This way there is much less pressure and I should at least incorporate two or three new things into my life by year end.

One last thing:

· For every good thing/achievement/happy thing that happens write it down on a scrap of paper and put it in a jar.

I am going to carry round with me a pad of paper of some kind everywhere I go, which I should do anyway if I am ever going to become a writer, and whenever I feel inspired I will write down the good thing or experience…and when I get home add it in to the jar. I know I stopped doing the positivity jar because I was doing it at night time before bed which is not always the best time. This way I am not restricting myself to a time frame which if passed for any reason without achieving the goal sets of a chain reaction.
Making it less of a strict thing and something relaxed and spontaneous should really capture the spirit of the idea a lot better for me. I also hope this will also help me become more relaxed in my writing and encourage me to do it a lot more often and finish writing a book for the first time in forever.

Happy New Year