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#1. What two authors would you like to see put their writing skills together to write a book?

Anne Rice & Lani Taylor.

Just imagine the detail and history that Anne Rice would put in alongside the imagery from Lani Taylor.
Considering the history that Anne put into the Mayfair Witches trilogy alone and the different characters that Lani put into Daughter of Smoke and Bone it would be an immense read.

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#2. What is your favourite author collaboration? Whether it be a short story collection or just a book that the authors worked together on.

Point Crime 13 Murder Mysteries by various authors, including David Belbin, Dennis Hamley and Malcolm Rose.

I have not read this book for a few years yet some of the stories have stayed with me and some details still come back to me every now and then.

13 Murder Mysteries

#3. If you could combine two stories and make them a book of their own, which would they be? & what would the reworked title be?

The Wicked Years Series by Gregory Maguire & Harry Potter by J.k Rowling the reworked title: “The Wicked Who Must Not be Named”
Can you not just imagine the epicness?
Two slightly different types of magic system, the ministry being ran by the Wizard; all the amazingness and politics of the world of Oz alongside the corrupt Ministry, what could be better than that?

Though saying that I have recently read some of the reviews on for Wicked and have found that it has not been very popular, so saying I am very happy that I had not come across them before while deciding to read it for the first time.

WickedHarry Potter

#4. What two characters from different books do you ship?

Richard from The Beach Alex Garland with Lestat de Lioncort, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

I have to admit to not even to remember when I did read The Beach though I know that I have, however I have a memory of Richard being very much a wonderer and philosopher. Someone that has always went off the beaten track, drawn to the dark and mysterious side of things, to question life. So even though he is a straight male I could see him being happy to have caught the attention of Lestat de Lioncort, as Lestat is a so called creature of darkness.
Lestat in his turn would be drawn to Richard in my opinion because he would be fascinated by him. He would see him as an innocent, as someone he could save and someone he could live though.

Lestat would challenge Richard and Richard would fascinate Lestat.

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#5. What two worlds from different stories would you like see come together to be one epic world?

The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L.J Smith with Toys by James Patterson & Neil McMahon
The technology from Toys alongside the supernatural so called Forbidden game could make for one epic read that even adults not just pre-teens, would be interested in reading.

The Forbidden GameToys

#6. What duology/trilogy/series would you have liked to see be combined in to one book?

Fifty Shades of Grey without doubt.
It my opinion it does not need as many sex scenes as it has within its pages; however over all despite anyone’s personal opinion of the content it contains a good story line. It could really easily be easily be condensed into one book with a little bit of careful editing without damaging the overall plot of the story and be all the better for it.

Fifty Shades of Grey big