Another year has passed much too fast and now it is time to review last year’s New Year resolution.  I had two which in essence came down to two things.  To review a book a month and to be also more proactive, following which I have managed to achieve the following:

  • Written book reviews: 31
  • Video book review: 31
  • Other blogs: 4
  • Other video: 25
  • Books read: 35
  • 50,000 words written in one month
  • Trained, raised money and ran the 5k Race for Life
  • Kept a journal

The only thing to do now is to go over the 50.000 words I have written in the month of November and revise the work completely in the hope to make it fit for publishing.

So as you can see not only did I achieve my objectives, I have also surpassed them, all in all it has been a very proactive year and a very successful one too.

Therefore I have only one more thing in which to write.  That is my objective of this year’s resolution.  As last year’s resolution was so successful I am resolved to repeat the same resolution this year.  With only one slight amendment to make absolutely sure to teach myself to well so that I can start an art journal in 2017.