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Another year has passed much too fast and now it is time to review last year’s New Year resolution.  I had two which in essence came down to two things.  To review a book a month and to be also more proactive, following which I have managed to achieve the following:

  • Written book reviews: 31
  • Video book review: 31
  • Other blogs: 4
  • Other video: 25
  • Books read: 35
  • 50,000 words written in one month
  • Trained, raised money and ran the 5k Race for Life
  • Kept a journal

The only thing to do now is to go over the 50.000 words I have written in the month of November and revise the work completely in the hope to make it fit for publishing.

So as you can see not only did I achieve my objectives, I have also surpassed them, all in all it has been a very proactive year and a very successful one too.

Therefore I have only one more thing in which to write.  That is my objective of this year’s resolution.  As last year’s resolution was so successful I am resolved to repeat the same resolution this year.  With only one slight amendment to make absolutely sure to teach myself to well so that I can start an art journal in 2017.






I believe that looking to tomorrow can be quite dangerous and positively destructive. I mean if we all wait for tomorrow to come nothing ever would get done.

Take me for example. The motorbike lessons, wanting to write a book, learn to draw, paint, learn to read and play music. Travel the world even. If I wait until tomorrow to start any of these activities then I would go a life time without doing any of them.

It’s so easy to put things of until tomorrow especially when any of them requires a lot of effort.
Now I bet you think I now am going to tell you about the motorbike lesson that I’ve had this week or the trip that I’ve booked.
Well you’d be wrong. Because I haven’t sorted a single riding lesson out nor have I booked a holiday of any kind. I guess you can say I am starting out small.

Whenever I think of the things I want to do it can be overwhelming and can lead to a lot of fears of many different kinds. I think it’s better to say: right now I am going to______
You have to do things in small stages. Hey a great artist or painter had to start with lessons and an orchestra violinist or great guitar player had to learn the very basics first. I guess I’m trying to say you have to learn to walk before you can run.

I am in no way backing out of any of the big things. Right now after uploading this blog I am going to do some more research on motorbike lessons in my area. After which I am going to look at some more prices of violins. (I am waiting to see how much money my phone provider is going to take out of my bank account on the second of the month. You still have to be realistic.)
If I did not do my research today, then when I know the state of my finances I will be in a passion to do something about it.

So it is perilous to wait until tomorrow because I would just keep on waiting. I would know precisely how much I have got and a whole month would go by and I would have done nothing to achieve my ultimate dreams, and I would keep on waiting because I would do something about it tomorrow.


Isn’t it weird how we all want to accumulate stuff and we have to have stuff but we never seem to have enough money to get all the stuff we just so have to have. Yet when your birthday gets nearer and you stop buying things for yourself and you get asked what it is you want for said birthday….blank.

Don’t get me wrong I know I want a new violin and an electric guitar oh a laptop and motorbike lessons…
it’s just they are really expensive things right? And I wouldn’t feel right asking for any of those things. I’ll sort out those things myself. (Especially the motorbike lesson 😉 and I will keep you up to date on that little adventure as it progresses.)

But I know I will pout (inwardly to myself) if I don’t get anything to open on the day and all my mum gets me is a trip to the cinema and guitar lessons which I’m sure I don’t need because I’m pretty sure that I know the basics. I’m sure also that I can take it from there. Not that I will be ungrateful if that’s what she does get me because they are cool presents. It’s just not something I want for my birthday.

I want books, music, DVDs and music sheets. But I can’t think of anything in particular of that lot that I just have to have. That’s the thing about stuff we don’t actually need it. It’s just a wanting and when it’s within arm’s reach you find that you no longer want it any more.


I don’t know why I do this. But I go through fads.

Now I’m not saying that fads are bad things. Just that I go through months working on one thing, then after a while, I get distracted by some other project then that project is all I want to think about. It’s my sickness.

I once wanted to make t-shirts, I bought all the paints that I could get my hands on (and they weren’t cheap), then another time I wanted to learn how to draw, so I bought all the different pencils and drawing equipment I could get my hands on. I also wanted to be a photographer, oh and another time I wanted to become a web designer. It’s crazy.

It’s like I can’t focus on more than one thing at a time. Which is crazy because when I was at school I was all about lots of projects at once, I didn’t have a choice, but now…

You know what fads are really expensive.

                                                          Pound Sign 2

Why do we always do it? We see a book for £1 or a phone cover for £5 a song for pence on ITunes and it’s such a good price and you like the look of it, you like the sound of it. It’s so cheap how can you resist it’s such a good deal.
The odd little indulgence won’t hurt surely, it barely costs anything. What’s £1 in the grand scheme of things?

What we don’t always see straight away is that the pounds mount up and before you know it you have spent a small fortune on music, phone accessories, books especially now we have the Kindle. It’s just too easy to spend to go overboard.

Now if I just go through this post and replace every we and you that appears with the word I then I think I would have hit the real issue I wanted to put across with this post.

                                                        Pound Sign 1


Why is it then when you are at work all you can think about is sitting down at the computer to write. But when you have all day to do as you please you put it off and off then when you finally sit down to write you can’t think of a single thing to put down?

This happens to me all of the time. I have all the good intentions in the world, but I will just go and run into town to do a few errands. I’ll just do a quick vacuum, I’ll just quickly check my emails, oh and while I’m at it I’ll just see if Cory Mr Safety Williams /TristopiaTV /LukeisNotSexy /CharlieSoCoolLike /Nerimon etc has uploaded any new videos on ….oh while I’m at it I might as well check and have I received my letter/email from nope. I’m hungry I’ll just go and eat something and watch tv while I do.

By the time I sit down the day is gone and I realise I have actually achieved absolutely nothing with my whole day.

You would think that in this day and age that people would know more and be more aware of how to make things more durable and last longer. You would also think that every company’s top priority would be customer satisfaction. But ever since we had this particular make of laptop in our lives (my mums and I that is) we have had nothing but trouble.

I have no idea why we didn’t learn that from the first laptop from them which we had for only a little more than a year before it suffered the blue screen of death and never came back. The customer service up to that point was shocking to say the least. But somehow and I don’t know why, we bought another one from them and not even six months down the line the thing has died on us twice. I have no idea how I managed to fix it. I guess I’m not one for defeat, I just kept pressing the power button until it loaded a fix it program.

I am now waiting to see how long it will take for the thing to die again. Will the next time be it? When will next time be? In seconds, minutes, days, weeks a month? When you have a growing addiction to the internet, an enjoyment of writing and what have you. When you also have a project that involves writing a script and down loading a bucket load of pictures from the internet; recording audio… (That will be credited by the way) for a project. It doesn’t exactly give you confidence to do it.

I remember with the first laptop. I had completed two projects one video for and a photo album through I was in Italy at the time with no internet access. So I had saved all my work to upload the first moment I got the chance. Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2010 I went to do some writing on my diary I was keeping of our (again mum and I) stay in Italy for the six months we were there and……nothing.

Nada, it was gone. At first we had thought it was the battery (it had been showing signs) but nope. There was nothing to be done. We had problems with that laptop before that point and as I said earlier the customer service left a lot to be desired.

No I will not be sharing the companies’ name of said laptops. As I am aware that I could very probably get into a lot of trouble for naming names. Another thing that time, in my opinion should have put to bed a long time ago.

                                                       New Year 1

It’s New Year, and some would say a time for new beginnings and to make new resolutions which is all well and good. However how easy are these resolutions to break? I myself have been vegetarian for two weeks one time, and did yoga for two months on another. Not one of my resolutions has stuck.

This time I am not really making a resolution, just a promise to myself. (Yes another one.) To have the best and be the best, this I believe covers everything. If I feel I want to do something, I shouldn’t hold back. If I want something, go and get it, (in a lawful way of cause) if I want to go somewhere, travel in a certain way….life is for living, for enjoying and for taking by the horns. I am not going to lose myself another opportunity if I can help it.

I hope everyone celebrated the New Year in with the style and individuality, and most importantly safely. Me I saw it in with my mum and Jools Holland and a bottle of Fizz.
I raise my glass of Glitter Fizz to you and wish you a Happy New Year may 2012 be good to you. Cheers!

Fireworks 1Fireworks 3Fireworks 2

There are presents from underneath the Christmas tree, the gut busting dinner. Christmas crackers, paper hats, bad jokes, the inevitable argument, family driving each other crazy…but that’s just part and parcel of Christmas right?
Not necessarily, yes it is nice to make a big fuss over it, and of cause you would be disappointed if you didn’t get any help the washing up never mind the cooking. The place is a mess even though you only cleaned and hovered, brushed and mopped only yesterday. Someone is being grumpy because they didn’t get something on their Christmas list.

But before the tears spill and tempers fray I like to look at what I’ve been given. I reflect over what I have eaten and drank and think not only how lucky I am but also how good I’ve got it. No one had to buy me presents. But they did.
No one had to send me a Christmas card. But they did. I wasn’t born with the god given right to expect food to always be there, but mum and I worked hard and we had a good dinner, a delicious dinner.

So to all of you that read this, and even to those who don’t I say, be happy, enjoy your family because there is nobody else like them in the whole world.



Yesterday afternoon one of my colleagues asked me when my next shift is and how long a day it will be for me. Upon hearing I was doing eight thirty up to six today she smiled and said that it will a treat.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but a treat for me is a piece of chocolate cake. Working an eight and a half hour day doesn’t really qualify. It’s not an indulgence; it’s not something I’m going to feel guilty about afterwards and it isn’t surpluses to requirements. It’s something that is absolutely necessary in order to gain independence, new friends and most importantly money.

Money is needed for absolutely everything. People who quote the old adage saying “money doesn’t guarantee happiness” I know where you are coming from. Really I do, but if you don’t have any money from working…let’s just say there isn’t much you can achieve in life without it.

So a treat no, but the people I work with are really nice. The work familiar but with enough challenges to help me learn, and the cream cakes and chocolate bars in the kitchen area, delicious.

                                                Piece of chcolate cake 1