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A Promise to Myself


Tomorrow is Christmas and I’ve really let myself down, and I’m really disappointed with myself.


I made a promise to myself you see. It was a simple promise all I would have to do is something I have always enjoyed doing; To do it once a week every week with a view to doing it every day by Christmas Day. I made this promise to myself at the beginning of the year and as you can probably tell I have not been entirely successful with this venture.

I enjoy writing, I enjoy vlogging too so I really have no reason why I shouldn’t have succeeded with my plan.
All I can do now is to try again. So I am going to make the same promise to myself again: To write at least once a week, video once a week with a view to becoming everyday by Christmas 2012. Vlogging                                     WordPress


I don’t understand how people who write every single day don’t run out of ideas to write about. I try to write once a week and find it hard to come up with a subject. Everything that runs through the mind as I sit in front of a blank screen I think is either dumb or stupid or even completely pointless.
This is one of the reasons that I admire writers of books and screen so much. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy what they have come up with they have been dedicated enough to sit down and get it done.

They have made sure to dedicate time of their lives to complete the project, to focus and not go off and just do anything and everything else. Or even just get on with their lives with their friends and family. Because I’m sure they would love to do just that.

This is also the same reason that I enjoy vlogs to much also, the time and effort, the attention to detail. It’s crazy, at a time when so many people are doing the same thing and everyone is trying to be different and stand out. Trying to still be themselves while trying to feel proud of what they have achieved by the end of it.

What I guess I am trying to say is about the haters and trolls out there is that, people put a bit of themselves into these projects. Be it a book, a blog, vlog, film….anything creative, so it actually hurts when these other people mean things just for the sake of saying something. You don’t like something, say something constructive or say nothing at all because negativity doesn’t help.

Think of a time when you are stuck, looking a blank screen determined to write or whatever, does it actually help when you slam yourself down? Or do you do your best work when you are feeling positive.

I don’t like the fact that trolling is encouraged by some people, because even if they don’t take it to heart (so they say) it makes the people doing it think it’s ok to do it to everybody else. Life is hard enough do you really need to make it harder on people, do you really want them to do it to you? I didn’t think so.

Criticism for the sake of criticism is unnecessary, unhelpful and disrespectful and I personally wish it could be stamped out for good.

I like being busy, I think it’s because it gives you a sense of purpose. No matter the task at hand, whether it’s cooking and baking. Making a vlog, taking photos, reading, writing it all mounts up to the same thing. I have a purpose in life, and it’s awesome. It especially helps when you enjoy everything that you have to do. Except for the house work, because let’s face it nobody in their right mind enjoys house work. Hovering, ironing and what not are a frustrating chore that if we chose do it first thing in the morning can be something that can be over and done with and we don’t need to waste another second of our precious day worrying about.

This I guess sounds like I’m making up some excuse for not writing a blog for the last two Sundays, but honestly it’s not. I just forgot. Plain and simple, I’ve been having fun.
Especially this week, I have just broken into the work of the Daily Vlog and it is awesome. Yes, I look and sound lame on camera…but learning to edit is so much fun. Finding material to record is hard work and so rewarding when I do.

Yes I know I hardly get any views but that’s alright, I don’t mind. I’m not doing this to become some kind of superstar. I’m not doing this to make money either, which is a good job because let’s face it I so wouldn’t be getting paid for what I have posted so far.
I’m doing this for fun plain and simple.

So many people forget about that element which is such a shame, because when it’s no longer fun it becomes work.

Bitten off More than I can chew

There are times when I have been accused of taking on too many projects at once. But I have never understood what the matter would be with doing that. It’s all in the name of fun anyhow. I mean learning to drive, going to the gym, writing lessons and learning to play the guitar alongside my full time job it was all in a week’s work.

L Plate

Today, I am hoping to become a regular blogger and vlogger, which requires filming, editing and writing as well as a lot of research. As well as keeping up with my regular e mails, www.youtube.com subscriptions, www.facebook.comconnections and games; not forgetting of cause all the books I’ve got out from the library…all nine of them all bar two are textbooks.

One-A text book on how Microsoft Office 2010 works, two-guides on youtube and myspace. Another two on blogging two more on wicca and witchcraft, just for a bit of variety and the two fictions Dracula and Dracula the Undead. Just in case I haven’t got enough books around my house to keep me entertained.

Library 5

Not forgetting of cause the old job search.


This week I have found myself with a new respect for professional vloggers even more so for the ones such as shaycarl who upload daily.

I as an ammeter who with a grand total of now three shows under my belt: The Totally Random Show, Question Time and now Vlog It as of from the 29 May 2011. I realise how much work goes into it.

Yes I knew that you have to know what you want as content then record, edit, upload. Then add annotations etc, etc…
So I did know that there has always been some kind of level of commitment there. I just didn’t quite understand the level of commitment involved.

When I first started I decided to upload Question Time on Tuesdays and The Totally Random Show on Fridays giving me plenty of time to get footage and edit, or so I thought. I didn’t factor in my job search, my internet and reading addiction.
For the first time I realised the life of a vlogger is a way of life not something you do on a whim, that is if you want any degree of credibility within the vlogging world.
The time and effort that must go into making professional videos day in day out and then also featuring in other peoples as well, it is something that is to be greatly admired. Especially when there are scripts, action, changes of scenes and a cast of two or more people involved in one or more of the projects you are taking part in.

From these findings I have realised that unless I want to gamble my lifestyle I will always fall under the ammeter tittle when it comes to vlogging on youtube. But while I have the spare time I am determined to find out how many people I can reach along with my journey to find myself.

Vlogging 2                  Vlogging