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I the undersigned promise to restrict my percussing of books of every genre from bookshop, supermarket, charity shop, on line store or anywhere else that I have not mentioned.

To only continuations of current series that I have already began collecting, or the continuation of works by the authors listed below.
Cathy Kelly
Sophie Kinsella
Anne Rice
Garth Nix
Diana Gabaldon
J.K Rowling / Robert Galbraith

This promise is to last me through the whole of 2016.

Emma-Louise Marwood


I know I have done this before, where I set myself a goal of doing something for a whole year. I start of well and after a few months it has already fallen by the way side.
I always expect far too much of myself. Though saying that, I did get my violin and start my lessons though I have not blogged about it, which is something, right?

For anyone who does not know, I took part in www.nanowrimo.com this year. I may not have won but it was a great way for me to get my butt back into writing. Over Christmas I have let it slide, however I fully plan to get back on the metaphysical horse again.

Though writing is hard work, much harder than I have ever given it credit for, it is terribly rewarding.

That said. Here are my goals for 2014:

· Read a book a month & review it.

· For every good thing/achievement/happy thing that happens write it down on a scrap of paper and put it in a jar.

This last year I have had a goal of reading a book a week. Because I had found that I had not picked up a book for a significant amount of time and wanted to make up for it. I am happy to report that I have achieved my goal. This next year I wish to be more productive in my writing and I do not wish to be distracted, though I still want and need to read. A book a month seems reasonable. In order for it to help me and not hinder in my goal of writing I have decided that I shall review my book a month. In theory it will keep my mind working, even when I am giving myself a break from my “book.”
If you wish to track my progress feel free to join me on: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/16573354-emma-louise

I find I am my own worst critic, so I need to remind myself how well I am doing or how good things are, so have decided that I should follow someone’s footsteps, with the ingenious idea of good fortune in a jar. I do not know who came up with this idea. I just saw the idea pop up on my www.twitter.com timeline one day.
To be able to see the jar slowly fill throughout the year should be motivation enough to keep me on the path to my happiness.

Because as much as I like my job and my colleagues I do not want to work Saturdays for the rest of my life, nor do I only want only two days off over Christmas. If I want to do something about it, I need to work hard to become what I want to be.

I don’t understand how people who write every single day don’t run out of ideas to write about. I try to write once a week and find it hard to come up with a subject. Everything that runs through the mind as I sit in front of a blank screen I think is either dumb or stupid or even completely pointless.
This is one of the reasons that I admire writers of books and screen so much. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy what they have come up with they have been dedicated enough to sit down and get it done.

They have made sure to dedicate time of their lives to complete the project, to focus and not go off and just do anything and everything else. Or even just get on with their lives with their friends and family. Because I’m sure they would love to do just that.

This is also the same reason that I enjoy vlogs to much also, the time and effort, the attention to detail. It’s crazy, at a time when so many people are doing the same thing and everyone is trying to be different and stand out. Trying to still be themselves while trying to feel proud of what they have achieved by the end of it.

What I guess I am trying to say is about the haters and trolls out there is that, people put a bit of themselves into these projects. Be it a book, a blog, vlog, film….anything creative, so it actually hurts when these other people mean things just for the sake of saying something. You don’t like something, say something constructive or say nothing at all because negativity doesn’t help.

Think of a time when you are stuck, looking a blank screen determined to write or whatever, does it actually help when you slam yourself down? Or do you do your best work when you are feeling positive.

I don’t like the fact that trolling is encouraged by some people, because even if they don’t take it to heart (so they say) it makes the people doing it think it’s ok to do it to everybody else. Life is hard enough do you really need to make it harder on people, do you really want them to do it to you? I didn’t think so.

Criticism for the sake of criticism is unnecessary, unhelpful and disrespectful and I personally wish it could be stamped out for good.

Bitten off More than I can chew

There are times when I have been accused of taking on too many projects at once. But I have never understood what the matter would be with doing that. It’s all in the name of fun anyhow. I mean learning to drive, going to the gym, writing lessons and learning to play the guitar alongside my full time job it was all in a week’s work.

L Plate

Today, I am hoping to become a regular blogger and vlogger, which requires filming, editing and writing as well as a lot of research. As well as keeping up with my regular e mails, www.youtube.com subscriptions, www.facebook.comconnections and games; not forgetting of cause all the books I’ve got out from the library…all nine of them all bar two are textbooks.

One-A text book on how Microsoft Office 2010 works, two-guides on youtube and myspace. Another two on blogging two more on wicca and witchcraft, just for a bit of variety and the two fictions Dracula and Dracula the Undead. Just in case I haven’t got enough books around my house to keep me entertained.

Library 5

Not forgetting of cause the old job search.

                                                         The M Factor

I have made a deal with myself.  From now on I am not going to be hard on myself about not writing “the novel” on one condition. That is if I work hard on producing a regular blog. By regular I mean to eventually achieve a daily blog instead of this once a week only on Sunday’s thing I’ve got going at the moment.

Now I’ve not given myself a time line to have done it by…yet. But I will have to set one to make it count. As I am hoping to achieve this: By managing to write something that I am happy with to publish on the internet every single day for at least a month lets say, it should in theory motivate me to write the “book” and get something finished for publication.

I have always wanted to have what people call drive or ambition. Something that gives them inner fire; I however have never really known how to light that spark.
Sure I have always known what subjects that always appealed to me, what projects appeal to me. I’m not totally ignorant. But nothing has completely taken over my life. Nothing has lit that spark. Doing this however just might give me that ambition. Even if nothing comes of it except for an impressive back catalogue of blogs and a completed manuscript. At least I tried, and that’s what is important.
I am not going to feel sorry for myself anymore, I am banning myself from saying and thinking about When I have the time, if my circumstances where different, it could have been me, if only I had some more money then I could afford to…. kind of sentences. I am taking charge of my life starting from here on out. I Think Therefore I Blog


I have wondered what kind of person would write a blog. What kind of person would think that their opinion is so terribly important that it must be shared with the world? Also what kind of person would believe that people would be interested in reading about their point of view?

Now I don’t really know anything about these people, but for me writing a blog at least once a week I feel keeps my toe in the waters of writing, so to speak.
I have wanted to be a writer for some time now, but for one reason or another I either I can’t seem to keep my concentration going and start another subject. Or I find reasons for not doing it at all. A not very constructive method for writing the ultimate best seller I know.
From reading I have found that a lot of professional authors tend to procrastinate so I’m not alone with that one. But still that leaves me with a concentration span of a gnant.

To me writing is something that is incredibly hard work, but should anything come out of it very rewarding. The joy to see something you have written in print is amazing. For some writing comes naturally and they can’t understand how none of their work ever gets published, they can’t understand it, they don’t seem to understand the achievement of actually managing to finish something.

Daydreaming comes naturally to me. But to actually write down what’s in my head, which is all Technicolor pictures. To make it come alive on the page, it’s not easy, and when you think you’ve got it as close as you can get it, which is nothing like you imagined but you have given up on getting it perfect as you have to make every word count and don’t want to bore the reader, you’ve gone ahead and forgotten where the daydream was going and what the point was to write it down in the first place.

So for me the point of having a blog, to write something at least once a week…even if nobody bothers reading it apart from me, it tells me something: You may be shite at concentration but at least by golly you can finish something.

I Lov Blogging

I don’t know about anybody else, but when I start a project I give it my all. I get all the books on how to be the best at it and throw myself headfirst into it, and all I can talk or think about is that project. After a while however whether because of a minor complication, or because I haven’t got the “best” equipment I just stop.

From diary writing, to t shirt designing I’ve gone all out there then just stopped without any warning what so ever. Now that I’m trying to dedicate myself more firmly into meditation I guess I am hoping it will give me more focus and make me more steady with my approach. We’ll see, but I hope so as my latest phase is making short youtube videos. The Totally Random Show: airs Friday’s on www.youtube.com/emarwood and Question Time: airs Tuesday’s on www.youtube.com/EmmaLouiseMarwood and of cause theirs this blog that is supposed to be weekly every Sunday. But since I am so obsessed I have not only posted on Sunday 8th May but also yesterday I think it was. Tuesday 10th May and here I am again. Because this surely can’t be a Sunday blog, a Sunday blog has to be more thought out. Not just totally about me but something everyone can relate to and not just some self-indulgent it’s all about me monologue. This blog is precisely that so it’s going on today.